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Help your personal care and wellness business rank higher in local search results, connect with your clients via text and chat, and collect quality feedback, all in one easy-to-use platform.

Rank above local competitors in Google search

Be found by ranking high in relevant Google searches. With ReviewPlus, keep up-to-date business listings across 50+ consumer sites.


Convert leads from your website

Put webchat on your website and get fresh leads with your morning coffee. Chat with your leads and convert them easily. If you are busy, you can always text them back when you have a moment.


Message customers promptly

Message your customers at any point in the customer journey and make them feel special. Engage your prospects and customers over text, Google, and Facebook messaging. Respond in record time and never miss another message, lead, review or referral.


Effortlessly get new reviews

Easily gather new reviews from your guests right after their appointment through automated text alerts. Their great feedback boosts your ratings across the web.


Book more clients with Referrals

Turn satisfied clients into ambassadors! Set up automatic referral requests so you can collect new leads from your clients right after their appointment is finished. Take advantage of modern-day word of mouth marketing with ReviewPlus Referrals!


Engage and convert at the start of the customer journey

Create beautiful, easily-found custom pages for every location, each updated in moments through one API. Let guests search by zip code to find the nearest location.


Keep your guests happy

Make sure all of your guests are leaving your business with a smile on their face. With ReviewPlus’ award-winning surveys, you can get the feedback you need to ensure you’re giving your guests the best experience.


Do it all on-the-go

Respond to your messages and reviews any time, whether you’re behind your computer, or on the job. Improve guest experience and get more business—all from one cohesive dashboard.